About Us
Lini and I have been married for over 20 years now. There are few things that give us more pleasure than spending time together. We have two boys currently in school in Boston. We have not had a television for over 25 years, we also have a very serious gym and Pilates habit.

Lini shoots in Color using a rectangle format, while I photograph mostly Black and White, in the square format. Lini is very engaging and approachable, I’m more of a voyeur letting things unfold in front of my camera. Lini’s photos are immediately accessible and engaging, mine tend to take time to grow on you but, as you keep coming back to them their stories unfold.

How things work
Lini is the one who keeps track of all the dates, times, locations, names, and who should be standing next to whom in the Formals. I make sure all the cameras and equipment are packed and working. Lini takes care of the phone calls and emailing, she has all the answers to any questions you might have. I process all our photos, and make sure that everything is backed up in triplicate, I also handle most of the post production. In reading this I sound as though I might be a little antisocial or reclusive. It i just that I am Dyslexic, and certain types of information do not stick. We have learned through the years that it is best to leave me to those things that I do really really well.

I do believe that through photography we have the opportunity to see God's hand at work around us and to share that revelation with others.